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Debbie Bliss Design it Knit it babies Book

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Debbie Bliss Design it Knit it babies Book

Following the success of Design It.Knit It.I was delighted to be given the opportunity to communicate the process I use when I design for babies and children.I love creating fashion knitwear,but there is always something very special about designing for babies and children,from the very first scribbled sketch to the photography of the final garment.As I usually use children I know rather than models,the photo sessions are not normally professionally rewarding but also very relaxed and family-oriented.My own children have informed the way I design-from the practical aspects of having had a baby son with colic to the style demands of a 2 year old daughter!Now they're grown up,but I put the knowledge I picked up through them into practice in the knits I make for another generation of little ones in the family.

In this book you will find eighteen patterns for garments and accessories for babies and toddlers,swatches that illustrates my design philosophy,and a design workbook that includes basic garment shapes upon which you can sketch your own designs,alphabet and motif charts,knitter's graph paper and other helpful tools.

This book doesn't deal with number-crunching or pattern compilation (there are some excellent books that cover that already) but rather shares the creative and practical journeys I take.I hope these insights will help you along the path as you create your own designs

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